18k750 rose gold diamond ring
PD2-0.40ct MD3-0.24ct D56-0.61ct
  • #Diamond


Liza House (Jim's) Jewellery Limited

Liza House was established in 1984 with her own workshop and showroom in Hong Kong. Company commits to craft the finest jewellery for customers with her signature fancy colour diamond and other top quality gems. Each jewellery piece is made with 18k750 gold setting which creates the brilliant finishing. Liza House provides retail, wholesales and tailor made services for both local and global market. She retains her traditional Hong Kong Craftsmanship for more than 30 years in order to adhere the principle of uniqueness.

Since 2014, subsidiary young line LBLH (Liza by Liza House) has been establised. The brand vision is "Simple to Sparkle". Eash design is infused with stories. which give each jewellery piece a unique spirit and meaning. LBLH jewelleries are accessible to every girl. When she wears LBLH jewellery, she can sparkle in her daily life or special occasion.

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