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Loose round TAHITI pearl


Maruata Pearls

Welcome to Maruata Pearls! The company was founded in 1992. We supply Loose Tahitian Pearls directly from our farm located in the Tuamotu Islands (French Polynesia). We provide consistent supply each year and our pearls are always highly-rated by customers. All of our pearls have a thick layer of nacre which provides them an extended life. We can provide pearls in all these following shapes: round, half-round, drop, half-drop, button, baroque, circled, half-button, circled drop and circled button. Size varies from 8mm to 15mm. We provide all qualities from TOP (a flawless pearl) to D as defined by French Polynesia's regulations. Colors are sorted in 4 categories: Dark, Grey, Peacock and Fancy (light multicolored).

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