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M. B. International

M .B. International was established in 1993. We specialize in all kinds of COLORED GEM STONES (Emerald , Ruby, Sapphire) and a wide range of products which include Precious Beads, Drops layouts, Cabochons, Carvings, Colombian Emerald Cut, Cabochons, and many fancy shapes in all price range and each piece is ONE-OF-A-KIND. Our major markets are Hong Kong, Taiwan ,U.S.A, Europe etc.
The success of M .B .International is based on customer satisfaction. In these many years, our products have met the satisfaction of all our customers who praised highly our good quality. Indeed, quality and innovations have been our key priorities, which will keep us ahead of others.
M .B .International has its associated offices in different parts of the world like many countries in Europe, U.S.A and India etc. We are also aggressively participating in all the major jewellery shows in Hong Kong, Europe and U.S.A. The company's strength lies in its experience of more than a decade.

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