Equipment and Supplies

Equipment and Supplies
carbide round burs


Menfer Company

Menfer Company has been established since 1978, is actively involved in the sales and distribution services of “Meisinger” Steels Burs, Tugsten Carbide Burs and Diamond Instruments., "EVE" full range polishers. "Dedeco" Rubber and "Polirapid" full range Felt polishers. Italy Faro Laboratory VIS Brushless micromotor & Laboratory motors handpieces. Also, with Urawa - Japan made, high speed mini motor set. High quality Abrasive mounted points. For more than 30 years, we have been supplying top quality Rotary Instruments for DENTAL Laboratory. Menfer have gained an impeccable reputation, and will continue our commitment to customers. We are also the dealer of Meisinger ,EVE, Urawa Minitor, Polirapid, Dedeco,Faro, Silfradent, Carla de Glorgi . Should you require any information, please contact us soon.

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