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Solico Diamond
Solico green laser
Solico can make any shape and also customize shape:

Round, Oval, Asher, Emerald, Radiant, Princess, Cushion, Heart and Marquise...
3D-modelling of any diamond shape by green laser to achieve a highly accurate result with minimal time and material loss.

SOLICO is an acronym for "Scanner, Optimizer and Laser Integrated Compact OGI" and it is a mean of combining a laser sawing/cutting process and a 3D mapping apparatus as a single unit. The sequence of actions when using SOLICO can be deduced from its name: measuring (scanner), optimizing the yield (optimizer) and simulating and executing laser process (laser).

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Lead Time : 5 – 7 weeks


OGI Systems Ltd

OGI Systems Group is the leading global company for diamond technology tools, providing smart solutions for every stage of the diamond's manufacturing, grading and marketing since 1990. Our mission is to supply the most advanced technological tools to the diamonds industry by a strong emphasis on innovation as well as continuous improvement of existing technology in order to suit customer needs. Our brand products are designed to provide solutions in 9 areas: 1: Portable rough analyzers for diamonds' tenders. 2: Colorimeter device to measure rough color and polish diamonds. 3: Inclusion mapping technology for Gemstones and Diamonds too. 4: Planning and Laser marking for achieving the optimal yield from the Rough stone. 5: Green laser sawing of Regular rough, Polaris diamonds. 6: Measuring and grading polished diamonds according to major gem labs. 7: Laser inscription on Gemstone and Polished diamonds for any conceivable purpose. 8: Analyzing and grading diamonds visual light performance. 9: Laser cutting solution of CVD, PCD, CBN, PCBN and Hard Material for industrial applications. 10: Synthetic diamond systems detection. 11: Customized CAD systems for jewelry designers. Our internationally marketed systems and solutions are user-friendly and harmonized with our professional support teams. FRIENDLY SYSTEMS - BRILLIANT RESULTS

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