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Natural Australian Doublet Opal
You may find a vase range of loose opal stones and products including but not limited to: crystal and jelly opals, white opals, doublets, opal carvings, boulder opals, matrix opals, opal jewellery set in sterling silver, 14K and 18K white gold/gold.

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Opals Mine Factory Limited

Opals Mine Factory Limited; established in 1989 is a leading manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of loose Australian Opals stones based in Hong Kong. We possess our own opal mines in Coober Pedy, South Australia and we manufacture our opals in factories in both Hong Kong and Mainland China. We are the pioneers and we are highly experienced in manufacturing fine quality opals. With twenty years of experience and knowledge in Opal stones, we have gained a high reputation of trust and reliability from our customers. We continue to offer a vast range of opal products to our customers, including but not limited to: Free Size Opals, Calibrated Size Opals, Opal Bead Necklaces, Opal Carvings, Cameos, Queensland Natural Boulder Opals, Matrix Bead Necklaces, Solid Matrix Cabochons and Doublets Opals. In addition, we also produce sterling silver jewellery with opal settings.

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