Shanghai Renaissance
Throughout the inspiring years of 1920’s and 1930’s in China, and Shanghai in particular, the flamboyant and yet neo-classic lady fashion was the “qipao” or, literally, Manchurian long dress. Qipao has a natural partner of beauty – pearl necklace. Together they form a natural match that seamlessly exudes the soft elegance of female beauty. Anita So Fine Jewellery conceptualizes such beauty in its Collection of The Shanghai Renaissance. The decorative silk buttons that come in different fantastic colours and patterns adorning the qipao are matched delicately with the glow of freshwater pearls. Simple and yet outstanding. Modernistic and yet nostalgic. Plain and yet intriguing. Pure and yet colourful. What an amazing renaissance world of beauty!
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Osatina Jewellery Co

Osatina Jewellery Company operates by Anita So, a Hong Kong new generation jewellery designer with a rising international fame. Her creativity spectrum is highly versatile, embracing classic and avant garde as well as the East and the West. Her “Vision Art” collection - hidden glasses creation, in particular, achieved international acclaim and was widely reported in various countries around the world since 2016. Anita is an award-winning designer and a Graduate Gemologist of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

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