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Peter Lam Jewellery Ltd

The story of Peter Lam Jewellery begins on 9TH August 1985. After 12 years of experience in studying the craftsmanship and the design of luxury jewellery. Peter Lam started a new journey in creating Peter Lam Jewellery. Since then, Peter Lam Jewellery has been a forerunner in creating the most exquisite and innovative jewellery for important clients, leading retailers and prestigious brands worldwide. Inspired by his love in the beauty in arts, fashion and designs, Peter Lam Jewellery combines classic elegance with creativity and provides the finest jewellery in a wide range of designs for every occasion and style. Every piece of jewellery from Peter Lam is handcrafted with skills, passion and dedication to perfection by Peter's elite team of designers and craftsmen in Peter Lam's own state of the art factory.

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