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Fine gold jewelry with precious gemstones and diamonds
Ring with ruby/ blue sapphires and diamonds

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Pranda Group

Founded in 1973, PRANDA GROUP is Thailand’s leading fine jewelry manufacturer listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since July 1990. Recognized for its refined jewelry craftsmanship and articulate entrepreneurial skills, PRANDA GROUP has been awarded with multiple accolades from the Thai government throughout its history of over 40 years of operations. Currently, PRANDA GROUP’s core operations include; Production of “Mass Craftsmanship” producing high craftsmanship jewelry in mass quantity with factories based in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam, with total capacity of 10 million pieces per annum, Distribution to wholesalers and retailers worldwide with 5 own offices located in USA, Europe, and India, and Retail operations of its own unique jewelry under brand Prima Gold, Julia and Merii, focusing mainly in Asia and the Middle East markets. PRANDA GROUP is committed towards bringing all essential elements to ensure the success and growth of the Company and its partners through the vision of “To be the world's leading alliance for jewelry businesses that enables the valued partners to achieve the mutual growth and success.”

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