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Rubin & Son Hexagonal 10x Loupe
From the company that invented the hexagonal loupe, the ultimate magnifying experience for the smart jewelry professional, featuring the largest diameter (20.5mm) triplet lens for 10x magnification. Rubin Hexagonal Loupes are the ones to specify when the highest quality is your objective.

Each loupe features three aplanatic and achromatic, color-corrected, easy-to-change lenses of unsurpassed optical purity and accuracy.

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Rubin & Son (HK) Limited

Our main business is to provide tools, supplies for the jewelry - diamond trade and gemological instruments.

We trade as importer & exporter, retailer in tools, supplies and instruments for the jewelry trade and gemology. We supply gemological instruments, jewelry balances, gold and diamond testers, cleaning and measuring equipments, general tools for diamond traders, pearl drilling machine and threads, jewelry cases and window displays.

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