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SEIBDO GOLDEN has great luster and deep gold color with green and orange Interference color.


Seibido Pearl Co Ltd

Seibido Pearl was established in 1936 at Mie and Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. Kunihiro ISOWA, the founder of Seibido Pearl, argues that the pearl is an elegant and lucid type of gem. Not only pearl, but also those members who take part in the field should carry the same nature and character of the above-mentioned. With this kind of ideology, the founder, Isowa Kunihiro, decided to name the company Seibido Pearl. The word ‘Seibido’ can be defined as purity and belle in Japanese.

A brief historical movement of Seibido Pearl is as follows:

Seibido Pearl commenced from the culture of pearl at the inception. 

In 1952, Seibido Pearl opened its first flagship shop in Kobe.

In 1996, Seibido Pearl established its headquarter in Tokyo.

In 1999, Seibido Pearl completed its corporate process of legalization.

After nearly a century of effort, Seibido Pearls Co.,Ltd insists continuously on conveying the unique philosophy and moving stories of pearl to every client. Only when the above action is taken by all staffs, SEIBIDO PEARL can provide purity and belle pearls.


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