18K R/G Natural Jadeite and Diamond Ring
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United Jewelry Company

Founded in 1975, United Jewelry is a long history of heritage jade jewelry manufacturing company. It provides one-stop high-quality services, start form the raw materials purchasing in Myanmar, the innovative design to the whole production, all the process is completed by United Jewelry. It always insisted on excellence, innovative ideas, the traditional product exudes extraordinary brilliance, among the best in the industry. United Jewelry has its own factory in China, it hires the best designers and polished division to process the whole production. Because the high quality materials, innovative design and precision polished and inlaid excellence, United Jewelry has won the trust and appreciation of buyers from all over the world. Due to the excellence products and thoughtful after sales support services, United jewelry as a high-quality business provider in the jadeite jewelry industry. United Jewelry actively participate in various international jewelry trade shows. Looking forward, United Jewelry will continue to strengthen its foothold in each market.

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