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jewelry display set
bamboo frame of the display set, with white leatherette covering. For earring, ring,pendant, chain,bracelet, necklace display.
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As Winnerpak is one of the most professional jewellery packaging manufacturers in China, we also specialized in custom jewelry box packaging, such as large jewelry box, wooden jewelry box, watch jewelry box, jewelry presentation box,jewelry organizer, jewelry gift bags, jewelry display trays, necklace display stand, jewel display, jewellery shop display, Christmas jewelry gift boxes, custom jewelry pouches, jewelry stand.


Winnerpak Industries Limited

Winnerpak Industries. Ltd was established in Zhongshan Huoju Developing Area in 1990, Since then, we have grown to be one of Chinese leading Jewelry Packaging manufacturers, specialized in gift box, carrier bags, window display products for jewellery, watches, eye wear cosmetics, perfume, pens, wines, and other items from the luxury and lifestyle sector. Winnerpak provides all kinds of custom jewelry packaging : girls jewelry box, mens jewelry box, kids jewelry box, wooden jewelry box, large jewelry box for big jewelry,tall jewelry box, huge jewelry box, big jewelry box, leather jewelry box, jewellery presentation box, jewelry box with necklace hanger, earring jewelry box,ring jewelry box,bangle jewelry box, jewelry storage box, jewelry box set, jewellery roll.

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