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Issue#238, Jun 2018

Star quality: The sparkle of celebrity marketing
A surefire way to tap into a wide range of clientele – be it in the jewellery industry or any other luxury sector – is having a trusted, well-loved and admired celebrity to help market the product. CJNA sits down with two celebrity marketing experts who talk about the value and effectiveness of such a marketing tactic.

Timeless elegance
Modern jade jewellery is the epitome of elegance and aristocracy. With the rise of young consumers, sophisticated jade jewellery is gaining a new audience while continuing to represent timeless elegance.  

Diamond jewellery trends 2018
De Beers’ diamond jewellery brand Forevermark has released its Trend Report 2018 for diamond jewellery. Based on the latest global trends in fashion, the arts, social media and celebrity circles, the report has identified these four new design directions: Think Pink, Gardens of Wonders, Games of Shapes and Time Capsule.

Keep the manner and tendency
Staying alert and upholding high standards are the keys to Yvonne Pong’s success. The director of Wing Hang Diamond Co Ltd also overcomes challenges by maintaining a positive outlook on life. 


About CJNA 亞洲珠寶
To connect Chinese-speaking jewellery professionals with the world’s fastest-growing jewellery market. CJNA is committed to serve the trade with our truly international editorial excellence, delivering timely, in-depth and unbiased information that is crucial in identifying business opportunities and making business decisions in the vast Greater China market.

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