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Issue#419, Jan 2020

2020: A ray of hope for the jewellery trade

The gemstone and jewellery sector survived a tough 2019. In 2020, potentially market-moving issues such as the US elections, and the lingering effects of the US-China trade war and the social unrest in Hong Kong are expected to put the jewellery trade's resilience to the test.


Shaping ASEAN as the next gem and jewellery hub
A recently formalised alliance of Southeast Asian jewellers is bolstering calls for economic integration in the hope of making ASEAN the next centre of gemstone and jewellery trade.


From passion to profession

Consumers nowadays are asking for more unique designs that stand out from mass-produced collections to show their individuality. What better way to ensure a product's uniqueness than making it yourself? In response to rising demand for bespoke pieces, institutes and even world-renowned jewellery houses started offering design and craftsmanship courses to the public. Some also provide co-working spaces to nurture new talents and help open new opportunities in the jewellery marketplace.


Disruptive technologies shaping the world of gemmology

The impact of technological disruptions on today's businesses is undeniable. Over the years, many industries have increasingly incorporated technological advancements into their operations to combat modern challenges. The jewellery and gemstone sector has seen its fair share of such innovations, including blockchain, cybersecurity programmes, digital grading reports and optical imaging, among others. What role do these technologies play in the field of gemmology? What kind of opportunities do they generate and how should gem labs manage risks presented by technology-driven disruption?


About JNA
JNA is a bi-monthly, bilingual (English & Simplified Chinese) B2B magazine that delivers the most relevant, incisive and useful market information on the international gem and jewellery industry. Our integrated thought-leadership portfolio includes a stable of sectoral publications in print and digital formats, online products and platforms, content marketing services and insightful industry events.

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