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Issue#422, July 2020

The influence of influencers

KOIs or Key Opinion Influencers are increasingly shaping discourses and perceptions in the jewellery scene, particularly in the areas of design and branding. JNA takes a deep dive into the world of jewellery influencers, examining its evolution into a business strategy and its growing appeal as a marketing channel. 

The changing face of China's online jewellery market

E-commerce is booming in China, and the country’s jewellers are carving a lucrative niche in the online marketplace. Jewellery transactions online are poised to grow on the back of omnichannel strategies, social media platforms, new business models and the boom in livestreaming.

Technological game changers for the jewellery trade

The era of digital connectivity has ushered in a host of online, virtual and augmented-reality solutions aimed at facilitating business in the jewellery industry. JNA examines the B2B technological advances geared to propel jewellery enterprises to greater heights.

Reflective creativity in the time of Covid-19

Jewellery designers interviewed by JNA discuss how upcoming collections could reflect the signs of the times. According to them, jewellery pieces with elements of positivity and hope as well as those that symbolise the importance of human connections are likely to resonate heavily with consumers in a post-crisis world.

Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers: Thriving in adversity

JNA examines Hong Kong’s jewellery manufacturing scene to understand current trends and how major players are drawing on their competitive advantages to cope with recent challenges.


About JNA
JNA is a bi-monthly, bilingual (English & Simplified Chinese) B2B magazine that delivers the most relevant, incisive and useful market information on the international gem and jewellery industry. Our integrated thought-leadership portfolio includes a stable of sectoral publications in print and digital formats, online products and platforms, content marketing services and insightful industry events.

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