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What is Business Matching Programme?

Are you spending so much time searching the right products or suppliers?

To help you find your perfect business partner/product that suits to your needs, JewelleryNet initiated the Business Matching Programme in June 2019 to all buyers in the Jewellery industry.

Business Matching Programme is a buyer-supplier matching system dedicated to assisting BUYERS to

· Conduct precise product sourcing anytime and anywhere

· Plan well for your time during the exhibition by previewing target business partners’ profile and pre-scheduling onsite meeting efficiently

Why should I join this programme?

Supported by Istanbul Jewelry Shows, June and September Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, there are over 4,000 trusted Jewellery suppliers (exhibitors) registered on JewelleryNet, showcasing more than 11,000 product listings from different countries.

In addition, the programme is offered to all Jewellery buyers without any additional charge. By joining this programme, you can save time from searching the unfit products and spend more time on increasing sales or doing promotion.

How it works?

If you have any questions regarding the Business Matching Programme, please contact [email protected] for further assistance.

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