JNA Awards Trade Talk (Business landscape in the new normal)
  • 2020-10-28
  • 13:00 - 13:10 (Hong Kong)
    05:00 - 05:10 (London)
    10:30 - 10:40 (Delhi)
    01:00 - 01:10 (New York)
  • English

The new normal has not only brought challenges to the global jewellery trade, but also opportunities. Sanjay Kothari, Vice Chairman of KGK Group, a family business of more than 100 years of history, is sharing with the viewers how they adapt to the vigorous change and grab opportunities amidst this chaotic situation. Register to watch this short video.

  • Sanjay Kothari
    Vice Chairman, KGK Group, Hong Kong
    Honoured Partner of JNA Awards 2020

    Dynamic and passionate, Sanjay Kothari marks the entrepreneurship of the family’s fourth generation and taking the group to the next level. Under his leadership, the company has grown manifold from mining to manufacturing and from marketing to distribution, as well as expanded its reach in gemstones, diamonds and jewellery retail. The group has achieved excellence along the industry pipeline, from mines to brands, demonstrating the business acumen of the Kothari family.

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