JNA Oct 2018

Message from the Editor I n a competitive business world where efficiency is of top priority, the Internet doesn't only bring people closer to each other, it has also enabled the public to instantly access the latest information from all corners of the world. Even professional industry knowledge could be just a click away. The blockchain system, which is strongly promoted by many diamantaires, introduces digital traceability technology to the traditional diamond industry, enhances transparency, ensures responsible diamond mining, and meets ethical standards. This emphasis on specialisation has been extended to the coloured gemstone industry. Through the introduction of relevant and high-tech systems, gemstones are monitored throughout the entire process from mining, polishing, processing, wholesaling and all the way to the downstream market. The development of traceable gemstone systems will provide the market with more comprehensive information thereby enhancing consumer awareness, knowledge and, more importantly, confidence in the industry. Apart from researching on the Internet and viewing social media comments before a purchase, discerning shoppers now demand more because they know more. This is good news for the truly professional players in the jewellery industry whose mission is to satisfy their target customers with the highest- quality products and services that they could provide. Publisher & Editor-in-Chief Christie Dang Knowledge matters