JNA Jan 2020

SPECIAL FEATURES 18 | JNA Jan/Feb 2020 The gemstone and jewellery sector survived a tough 2019. In 2020, potentially market-moving issues such as the US elections, and the lingering effects of the US-China trade war and the social unrest in Hong Kong are expected to put the jewellery trade’s resilience to the test. 捱過風高浪急的2019,2020年對珠寶界來說充滿機遇與挑戰。業界一 方面能憧憬美國大選刺激市況,另一方面仍未解決的中美貿易爭端和 香港社會衝突將繼續為業界帶來暗湧。 | Bernardette Sto. Domingo 杜明高 | 2020: 珠寶界綻露曙光 A ray of hope for the jewellery trade