JNA Jan 2020

MARKET INTELLIGENCE 64 | JNA Jan/Feb 2020 INVESTS US$25M IN ANGOLA’S DIAMOND SECTOR KGK投資2,500 萬美元在安哥拉建廠 KGK The multimillion-dollar investment is aimed at modernising Angola’s diamond manufacturing sector, creating jobs, and imparting knowledge and expertise to locals. 該項鉅額投資預期可為當地創造就業、培訓人才, 並進一步提升當地鑽石工業水平。 Lamp lighting ceremony at the inauguration of KGK’s latest facility in Angola KGK 安哥拉鑽石加工廠開幕亮燈儀式 G emstone and jewellery conglomerate KGK Group has bolstered its footprint in Africa with the establishment of a state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing facility in Angola. KGK has global manufacturing operations across India, Russia, South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Sandeep Kothari, managing director at KGK, said the group is investing US$25 million in its Angolan operations to manufacture 8,000 carats of rough diamonds per month and initially create more than 200 jobs. The group is also providing its local team with top-notch industry knowledge and expertise through